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UKC Ch R Anubis Desert Stryder

~ The Reality Of A Breeder's Dream ~

Mon Mar 1, 2004 6:17 pm
 My boy UKC Ch. R Anubis Desert Stryder... better known to friends and family as Stryder received a wonderful letter, an invitation and a very nice certificate to attend the UKC 2003 Top Ten Competition in June.  Stryder finished the year ranked at number seven for Miniature Pinschers.
Terri ~
Wild horses couldn't keep me away....LOL  It will be June 10th,  then if the Dog Show Gods are smiling on me I'll show again on June 11th in Kalamazoo, MI.  I have such a grin plastered to my face it will take a team of good surgeons to get it off of me...LOL
Terri ~
THANK YOU... I'm just tickled silly right now and Yes,  very proud! 
Terri ~
Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 1:14 PM
Subject: Stryder Brag :)

I got a wonderful letter, invitation and certificate today from UKC for Stryder.  We have been invited to the 2003 Top Ten Competition.  Stryder ranked number seven!!
My entries have already been sent and I've already called Mark and asked if he could work out some vacation time for June 9-11th!!  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2003 7:09 PM
Subject: Today's show

Carly and Stryder both took Reserve today,  which I'm not upset with at all.  I Loved this judge and will certainly show to him again!! 
Next Sat. it's Stryder only in Kankakee,  then I'm going to hole up for the winter.
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 3:17 PM
Subject: This show, MUCH better

  We're home and I'm happy to say that with Mark driving,  we didn't get lost one time...LOL
    Carly did alright,  she was in a goofy mood.  First she was just way too excited then,  she kept wanting to jump up into my arms...LOL  So Carly today,  in an Open Group of three,  took third.  But,  she had a TON of fun doing that...LOL  She was a total HOOT!
  Stryder,  went in and took the Open group and took Winners Dog,  heck I was happy... the day Could have ended there but he wasn't done by any means and brought home Best of Winners!!  He was a showing little fool out there today!!  Joan Krumm was there with some of her kiddos (She took BOB today).  She took me outside and together we worked for nearly 45 minutes on some handling techniques.  Besides putting another point on Stryder I also learned a lot.  Pretty darn good day in my books...LOL
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 12:24 PM
Subject: Stryder Update...

Hi Kim,
   I'm sorry I didn't get an update to you yesterday.  My RA flare up kicked into High Gear to the point Mark had to help me into and out of the tub so I could soak in hot water in hopes of finding some relief.  Today,  I'm much better,  no pain.. just a tad bit of stiffness which will continue to wear off as the day goes on.
   Stryder is doing Fantastic!  I'm seeing no signs at all of his injury now.  He is moving good with the limited amount of moving I've allowed him.  Tomorrow I'll put his lead on him and try things out very slowly and see how he does when he takes the lead out ahead of me like we do in the rings.  For the next five days, starting tomorrow,  it's going to be extremely moderate/easy work outs on the lead, downstairs in the basement.  He gets FAR too excited, jumping and running the first several minutes when we work outside and I don't want him doing that just yet.  The main large room in the basement has carpet with padding so my thoughts were to start him out there to reduce the impact sidewalk work-outs would create.
   My vet called me bright an early this morning asking how our boy did over the weekend and was extremely pleased with the report I gave him.  Roger splits his time up between two clinics and farm visits and wont be in the Fisher office until Thursday,  but he wanted to be sure he didn't need to stop in at this office to see Stryder if things weren't going well.  Of course he reminded me of the importance of not rushing things,  in fact his exact words were..."Remember,  the slower we take this the faster he will heal."
    The Valpo show looks like it's still going to be for us!   That is a huge relief and I'm glad now I only signed up for one day of the four.  Allows us to ease back into this because the next weekend is a full weekend.  My entries are in for ALL three days in Champaign.   Even though I'm only showing on Sat. in Valpo I'm leaving home Thursday afternoon (June 19th)  to be ring side to help Laurie and Ruth Riley at the show Friday morning.  I'll be heading home with The Boy Toy sometime Sat. afternoon but I'll be sure to update everyone on how we did in the rings that day before I leave Laurie's.
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 2:35 PM
Subject: Thank You Kim

He is more than just a puppy....
     I just want you to know that despite the miles that are between us,  today... on Stryder's birthday you are with us in Spirit as we celebrate what Stryder has done for us.  I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing this very special boy into this world one year ago today.
    Stryder has brought my entire family so much joy.  He came to us during a time when we felt we just couldn't take one more set back,  one more piece of bad news.  Mark's job that kept us very comfortable and taking so much for granted was gone.  We found out only one month before Stryder came to us that Mark was diabetic and at the time when I got him to the Dr. I was told we came very close to loosing him.   We were facing so much uncertainty and I, a lot of depression.  But,  when Stryder came bounding out of his crate and into our arms at the airport we felt joy for the first time in such a long time that very special afternoon.
    Stryder's first night with us was nothing less than magical!  We all sat in a circle on the floor as Stryder ran to each of us in turn,  playing and entertaining us with his endless antics.  We laughed together at him for what seemed like hours.  It was the first time in a long time that we as a family laughed.  It was a special night for all of us.  For the first time in over a year, we had no worries,  no fears about jobs, money, bills, Mark's health,  and what the future held in store for us or where we would end up.  That night we hugged and laughed,  felt joyful, thankful and hopeful for the first time in such a long time.
   Something changed for us the night Stryder came to us.  We became stronger as we had once before been.  We became closer,  getting rid of the distance felt between all of us as we continuously worried.  We became more positive and saw the changes in our life,  not as an end of what was,  but a beginning of something new.  Stryder put smiles on four faces that hadn't smiled in a very long time.
   That night that will live in my heart forever as Mark and I sat, snuggled into each other watching our boys roll, laugh and play on the floor with Stryder Mark said..."I think that is a magical puppy."... I said..."He is much more than just a puppy."
   Thank You Kim for bringing Stryder into this world and sending him to a family that needed him so badly.
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Saturday, January 04, 2003 11:34 AM
Subject: Howdy!! :)

Good Morning,
   Our game plan is now set...LOL  After putting my ear to the ground and asking questions it seems the Muncie show in the winter is usually a bust.  Very small building,  little parking.   The summer Muncie cluster is the one that pulls the majors, it's held at a different location. The winter majors are in Bellville, IL and that is where I'm heading with Stryder.  I'm sending my entries in Very Soon!! 
  Friday Feb. 28th -  Gateway Toy Dog Fanciers  Judge: Steven Hayden
  Sat.     March 1st - Three Rivers Kennel Club of MO  Judge: Denny C. Mounce
  Sun.    March 2nd - Belle-City Kennel Club.  Judge: Mrs. H. Clark
   Laurie will be locating a motel within the next couple of days and sending out feelers for anyone else going and needing roomies to cut cost.  This show IS a Definite,  we're just pulling it all together right now but we ARE hitting all three days!!  Once we know where we are staying I will let you know and give you the phone number,  you know.... In case you want to call for updates....LOL  I can't imagine what shape you will be in if you have to wait three full days to know how Stryder did...ROFL!!!
   Majors all three days and the judge on Sat. I've shown Duke to when he got his BOW.  She really likes a nice Blk/Rst!!!   The other two Judges I don't know,  but Laurie says she has shown to Steven Hayden and she swears he will like Stryder.  He likes substance in a pin with Nice Movement and a very showy attitude...well, that's Stryder to a "T"....LOL  The competition at this show if going to be VERY tough.  The big kennels and breeders are hitting this one and it will be a full weekend of "Whose Who In the MinPin World"  If nothing else it will be a nice experience just to see this show and it will be great to see how Stryder does with so much going on in the ring with him even if we don't come away with anything. I can't wait.  I was so excited when I got off the phone with Laurie last night I was unable to sleep.  I kept going through Stryder's training in my head over and over again... trying to pin point our weak spots.  I did this until somewhere near 2:00 am!!!!  MAN!  It would be wonderful to knock our majors out of the way right off the bat so I can sit back and just collect our needed points leisurely.... LOL
  Next Friday I'm heading to Laurie's for the night with Stryder.  We going to Wheaton, IL on Sat. Jan. 11th for a SUPER MATCH... I don't know what makes this one SUPER...ROFL  But it's a show, even if it's not offering points.  I just Love puppy matches,  keeps our training on track and Stryder in top mental condition.  I like throwing as many matches in as I can because they are so informal and relaxed.  You can't ask for better training opportunities for the price.  Wheaton, IL just recently held a show that I had thought about attending with Stryder,  but the entries were So low there weren't even any points offered. 
   Mark and I are discussing heading to Indy with Stryder on Feb. 8th  I would Love to show both days but the judge on Sunday is notorious for putting up small reds and being very political in the ring, and as a rule wont put a puppy up for the point.  Since it would require a hotel to do both days I really don't feel confident enough in that judge on Sunday to spend that kind of money right now.  I'll WILL get this judge another time, but I want Stryder to mature and fill out first... then I'll knock her socks off with him....LOL  Mark does have a few high school friends and College friends that live in Indy.  IF and this is a big IF,  we can stay with someone over night and cut the cost of the a motel I'll think about showing Stryder both days... but I really think that Sunday will be a big fat bust for us.
  WOOOO-HOOOOO  I'm just TOO excited...LOL  I was hoping I would calm down after some sleep... but that hasn't happened yet....LOL
Terri ~
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 10:26 AM
Subject: THANK YOU!!!

Hi Kim,
   I got up early and snuggled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and my book!!  My GOSH where did you find it??  The cover is different,  but the book is EXACTLY my precious book I had so long ago!  I've had my nose in that thing since 7:00 am but I put it down long enough to get all my "THANK YOU'S" out.  All those pictures just give me goosebumps because I feel like I'm a small child again,  sitting in my room without a care in the world.  That must sound so silly I'm sure... but when I was little my book went everywhere with me, and if I saw a dog I would quickly look it up in my book and read about it.  I had this goal to be able to see any kind of dog and know exactly what it was.  That Min Pin in the photo is the SAME min pin that I based all my dreams on.  This book is absolutely Priceless to me in so many ways.  THANK YOU!
  BUT.... you could have stopped at the book ;)   Thank you so much for the money.  I've put that in Stryder's Stocking and that will be show money for us.  We're on a mission and some where in your new 2003 calendar you'll be hanging soon we'll have a new Champion!!  I can't wait to fill that date box in... "Stryder Finished!!!!"  This new year just can't get started fast enough .... LOL  The days I have waited SO long for are finally here and there is NO stopping us at this point.  I'm so excited...LOL
   The clippers are FANTASTIC!  They are so small and light I can get the work done and it doesn't hurt my hand at all!!!  Yes,  Poor Roadey and Stryder have already been primped and pampered...LOL  I set my table up yesterday afternoon,  set out my clippers and new dremel... and couldn't wait to get started...LOL  What took me nearly 45 to do hanging on to Stryder or Roadey with one hand while grooming with the other on top of my Dishwasher or coffee table,  using clippers that are HUGE,  took me ten minutes.  No stress,  no fighting,  they almost seemed to enjoy the grooming which I was SOO glad to see because before a show, grooming time was long and stressful on the babes because I didn't have the proper tools.  We got the job done and I would have certainly continued doing it that way for as long as I had too... but the difference now that I've used the proper tools and a table are just unbelievable!!
  OK,  I have a few more Thank You's to get out,  then I plan on spending the day reading my Wonderful Book.  I wish I could give you a Great Big bear hug right now... but then I would just start bawling all over again and I finally just got the water works turned off after Sat. night. ;)
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Thursday, December 19, 2002 12:52 PM
Subject: It's HERE!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what I'm more excited over... First,  your SS gift arrived and I'm being VERY good and I'm not touching it.  It's hard, but I'm behaving...LOL  THANK YOU so much,  but when I saw the cost of the postage... OH you are in so much trouble... good grief!  Stryder Loved sniffing and smelling the gift!  He was all over that thing and pawing at it, then he would look up at me with these big happy wide eyes and a GRIN!!  He knows this is from you and he remembers you!  It's just so heartwarming to watch him inspect this package.  The other three are just not getting what the big deal is but Stryder is totally engrossed in this.
Second... Stryder's first show photo arrived today!!!  OH I love good mail days...ROFL.  I can NOT WAIT for you to see this picture.  He is so darn funny!  You can just read his face and his stance that the ONLY thing he wants to do is bail off the table and go play.  You can see he is clearly having fun and enjoying his very special day.
Hugs and Lots of Love My Special Friend,
Terri ~
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 10:05 AM
Subject: Deciding, Deciding, Deciding...LOL

Good Morning!!
   Here are the show dates and sights for Jan. that I'm trying to decide on with Stryder.
Jan 18th  Wheaton, IL; closing date Jan. 1st (that one is not too likely.)  Wheaton is quite a haul from where I'm at and is often times a small show in the winter.  I wont drive all that way without the chance of at least one point.  I'll keep my ears open and watch the different lists to see if anyone speaks of going to this show.  I just can't justify that drive just to be the only one in my class and if there are no points.
Jan. 25 & 26, Grayslake, IL closing date Jan 8th.  This one PROBABLY,  Grayslake usually has a big turn out skirting majors.  I'll watch this one and see who Joan Krumm is showing and get opinions.  If the weather is cooperating in the least I think this is one we'll need to hit.  One judge I'm not at all familiar with,  the other judge would certainly give Stryder a good look but I can't remember off the top of my head which day the judge that would like Stryder is working.
Jan. 30- Feb 26 (25 & 26 for me,  I can't do all four days)  MUNCIE, IN; closing date Jan 15th.  Here is the big daddy show I was telling you about.  MAJORS all four days and big names floating around this show.  I WILL have Stryder at this show on Sat. & Sun. if I have to peddle myself on the street corner to raise the entry fees....ROFLMAO!!!  In fact,  I will be doing the entries on this show very soon just to be certain I'm going to be there then decide what to do with the others later.  I think this is a prime time to get Stryder out and under the noses of some big name MinPin folks.  This gives him nearly two more months of growing time and right now he is filling out in such a mouth watering way.... he would be VERY IMPRESSIVE by then... (not that  he isn't right now...LOL)
Feb 8 & 9  Indianapolis, IN closing Date Jan 22  Weather permitting, this one is fairly close to me but I'm going to drop Mark a BIG hint that we should get a motel in Indy.  Feb 8th I would show Stryder without a doubt but the judge on Sunday the 9th,  putting Stryder under that one would probably be a waist of my time and money.  The judge on Sunday likes them small and red and is very consistent about that.  Roadey would do very well under this judge if she keeps her head out of her ass.  This one would be Roadey's "Come Back" show since I have pulled her after our Danville, IL fiasco for major training and growing time.
Terri ~
Anubis Miniature Pinschers
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 9:20 AM
Subject: jusss thinking

Hey sweet kido,,, I am up painting,,,,, of course ;). The thought has came through my head,, as I mix colors, sitting here talking off and on with God, and the furbies,, and reviewing your wonderful weekend. You just might be a little concerned about show entry fees, and such. I want you to not worry. I want you to understand, dreams do come true! I want you to thoroughly believe in this, relax, enjoy the Holiday, sleep well, eat well, enjoy your lovely family,,, the season, the reason for the season,, and know, God Answers Prayers, and yours have long been heard. The next few weeks are going to be a wild exciting time, and I don't want you to worry about any of the above, enjoy this Holiday experience, the love around you, treasure this years blessings, as, it's been a long time coming for you. Soooo sweet friend,,, this year,,, please sit back, and watch the miracle of the season unfold,,,, and do please enjoy it, I just don't want you to worry ;)!
Ohhh, and remember this too through the season,, it may help,,, the bible teaches us to be a giver, but,,, in doing so,, it also, teaches we need to learn to be the acceptor from givers too, other wise, no one would be able to give anything away. Remember, there is blessing in the receiving too, other-wise, ones prayers couldn't be answered if we never received anything ehhhh ;). Folks couldn't be blessed for giving, if, they couldn't give, and share their blessings, to be further blessed. Soo have fun with Christmas, and don't let the above worry you,,,, for I can assure you, the Lord is working in your families life, we are all each his special children, he hasn't forgotten you, not one of you, and don't you ever forget it ;)! Have a very happy Holiday kido,, and jusssss sit back and enjoy!
{{{Hugs}}},, & luv,,,,, to you and yours!
Merrrrry Christmas!
Sent: Friday, December 06, 2002 3:25 PM
Subject: Re: jusss thinking

Oh You Sweet, Sweet Friend... I'm sitting here in tears as I read your inspiring message.  You always seem to have the right words for whatever situation I find myself in to make me feel better... EVEN when you don't know what is going on in this neck of the woods.  Bless you for that!
As for worrying.... I'm not.  I'm taking one day at a time and if I don't like what this day has to offer I'll just sit back and see what tomorrow is going to be like.  My family is with me and we are healthy and happy.  Living a meager life has actually been GOOD for me... I'm getting a bit tired of it for I preferred being comfortable... but hey... we can't always pick the way things are meant to be ;)  Your right about my dreams coming true.  I look at Stryder and my heart about comes right out of my chest and the fact that Mark and I are BOTH enjoying him and his future is just more than I could have ever hoped for.  I'm not rushing this and I'm not making plans so far into the future that I can't possibly meet those demands.  When the money is in my hot little hand I hit the show superintendents web sites and get us in the one that is the closest to me.  Heck... I've always been a "fly by the seat of my pants" type of gal....LOL  I do have wonderful news though... I may have a JOB!!  A job that I can do!  A gal here in town started a cleaning service last year right here in town and is looking for someone to work part time... $8.00 an hour working with three elderly women here in town keeping their houses tidy and clean.  It's light house work and PERFECT for me!!  I LOVE TO CLEAN.....ROFL!!   I'll find out later tonight if I got the job,  but it's looking real good.  Mark and I have already decided,  THAT is my show money!  We're both just too excited over this.
As for the holidays and Stryder... I'm gearing myself only on making this the best Christmas I possibly can for my boys.  I'll hit the rings again RIGHT after the holidays.  I can't be gone from the rings too long,  I would climb the walls....LOL  Honestly,  in my area, there isn't anything I can get too until Mid Jan. anyway.
Please know that all the good thoughts you have sent my way in the past,  and all yet to come are doubled up and sent back at ya! 
Hugs and Love,
Terri ~
Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 12:06 AM
Subject: Fw: Little Big Brag for me ;)

    I just LOVED seeing these in my mailbox!!  To see you having so much fun with Stryder just pleases me to NO end.  I can just feel the pride pouring out of this message for your wonderful little Stryder Man!  I've said more than once that this is for you too... THIS is what I mean.  If half of these so called "BREEDERS" that crank out a winner every couple of litters had even a fraction of your knowledge they wouldn't know what in the hell to do with it.  I could name names and problems in their lines until you fall out of your chair!!!  I've had breeders over the past couple of years that have offered me a pup a time or two that I simply could not run from fast enough.  I knew when I was ready I would have ONE chance to make my dreams come true and I wasn't going to take any chances on just any pup because he came packaged up with a fancy well known kennel name.  I wanted PERFECTION ;)  I wanted a puppy that was produced by someone that wasn't sweeping more puppies under the rug than what were hitting the rings,  and one that came with a lifetime of dedicated knowledge behind him in his Momma.... Like we have both said and agreed on... Stryder was just simply meant for me... I just had to wait on him to get here.
    Stryder carries your name for YOU, YOU picked as a show prospect,  and I am putting him in the rings for BOTH of us and don't you ever forget that.  It's about time someone sees the quality you've kept tucked away down there in the Big T....LOL
Terri ~
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 8:32 AM
Subject: Little Big Brag for me ;)

I am so very proud, and just have to share, or I'll bust,,,, a special home boy bred by me, now owned, and being shown By Terri Snyder, in Kankakee, IL, on his 6 month Birthday, in his first real show, our wonderful little Black and rust fellow took Winners Dog for his FIRST POINT!!! He has been shown twice before in puppy matches by Terri's loving hand, to which he also won both of, with lots a great comments from his judges. We are so very proud, and just way too excited about this kido! Thanks for letting me share our news, and BIG congratulations to all the winners out there!
Sent: Saturday, November 16, 2002 7:09 PM
Subject: We're Home!!!

   Our boy is AWESOME!!!!!!  You wouldn't not believe how calm and cool he stays at a show.  Gets in that ring and does everything so perfectly!!  He took a first for his class,  went back in for breed and lost it to Raodey (AGAIN!),  Roadey went into group and took a second place this time.  I just about didn't take Roadey to the match today,  but she did sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo horrible in Springfield a few weeks ago I decided that getting a match in her the day before the real thing might do her good for tomorrow.  I like these pups to get as much experience as they can.  Besides,  if she would have gone into this match and acted like she did a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't going to waist my time going tomorrow. 
   I'm back in the rings at 9:00 am tomorrow with Roadey only :(   Dec. 1st just can't get here fast enough as far as I'm concerned.  Stryder is so easy to show!!  Kim,  he goes out on that lead,  keeps it nice and tight and stays there the whole time.  His drive is so fantastic I can feel the lead tug in a perfect four beat rhythm... each foot that lifts from the floor I can feel in his lead.  He stays so calm and so serious the whole time it's amazing he is as young as he really is.  I also think Stryder had a calming effect on Roadey.  If Roadey started in with her barking Stryder was quick to nail her in the back of the neck... and boy she would shut up....LOL  She also fed off of his calmness a BUNCH!  I've already decided I'm taking Stryder with me tomorrow,  he is going to play stable pony....LOL
   Gotta run,  Need to update Stryder's baby-book and get his ribbon added.
Terri ~
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:43 PM
Subject: DANG! Forgot something...........

   Your money order arrived today.... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I had 11.00 in my pocket and was wondering if a check for gas tomorrow would bounce before Friday,   so I could go pick up Stryder.   Why is it,  some weeks Fridays just seem to take forever to get here??
So, things are looking up today... the first bit of hope that we have had since a year ago back in July when his GOOD job let him go!
Terri ~
Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:30 PM
Subject: Re: Stryder update

Hey You,
   Dang, where did this day go?  I spent hours today (off and on ) doing some serious work with Roadey since Stryder isn't here.  I think we made some fantastic progress today!!!  She is acting like she may have gotten a clue on how to use her brain....LOL
    Laurie and I have talked often today,  Stryder got back to Laurie's about 1:00 this afternoon and is doing great.  She has already warned me I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him because he insist on scratching at the bottom stitches in which the vet pulled in and shaped his bell to compliment his head/face.  Laurie said she was simply in Awe over the difference this made in Stryder,  this crop compliments his head so much!  
    Mark and I are leaving about 8:30 in the morning to go pick him up,  we'll be home sometime before 3:00 and I'll post back to you as soon as I get our boy all settled in and comfortable.
Terri ~
----- Original Message -----
YAEEEEEEEE, soo very Happy to hear he's now taking down the clinic, and I know you are too ;).
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2002 8:08 AM
Subject: Re: Stryder brag

OH YES!!!  That will give me something fun to do today besides sit here and make myself sick over Stryder's crop.  OMG Kim,  I'm a wreck.... I've been crying for an hour,  didn't fall asleep until sometime after 2:00 am.  I get up and pace,  sit down and my mind is a blank...  I CAN'T TAKE THIS!   I should have gotten into a breed that didn't need to be surgically altered to compete because this is STUPID! 
Not a shy bone in his little body I tell ya....LOL  I'm glad he has had several opportunities to spend time with Laurie both at her house,  and when Laurie has been at my house. Took both of us driving a bunch to be certain Stryder would be as comfortable and relaxed during this time as possible,  but I keep feeling like I didn't do enough. Tomorrow afternoon he will be back at Laurie's from the vet and Wed. Morning Mark and I will drive to Laurie's to bring our baby home,  it's a two hour drive to her house so we'll be gone for quite awhile.
I promise to update you on Stryder just as soon as Laurie lets me know anything.... GOD help me get through this day!!!!!!!!!!
Terri ~
Subject: Re: MO

OH Kim,   Thank you so much.  This ear crop has had me pacing,  counting,  recounting, figuring the checkbook,  refiguring,  then yanking the money out of the bank in hopes that Friday gets here REAL FAST because I broke the bank with that one and then some.
I was still debating showing him natural,  but that came to a sudden halt last night.  I NEED to know how far this boy can go and I swear Kim,  as long as I can get to the shows and get him in enough I would NOT be surprised if we are sitting on a top 25 dog here!!  I just have to do everything in my power to campaign him to his full potential.
MY God I wish you could have been there last night Kim,  he was so awesome and I'm not just saying that because he is my boy.... he can turn it on and GO! GO! GO!  And when a judge will take the time to stop you and ask YOU questions...that is a big deal in my books and far more important than the Best of Breed ribbon.
I'll try to call you later today!!!  I need to relive last night....LOL
Terri ~
----- Original Message -----
To: Terri
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2002 8:55 PM
Subject: MO

Just wanted to let you know, $150.00 MO, is on it's way by Priority Mail, sent out this morning for help on Styder's ear crop.
Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 12:58 AM
Subject: [MinPinTalk] Puppy Match/SURPRISE

Hi Everyone,
    I'm home from the puppy match in Indiana!  Stryder did Wonderful!  He is such a little ham....LOL   He took first for his group.  Kim,  I wish you could have been standing there when I began to leave the ring.  The judge stopped me just to tell me how very nice Stryder is and how much she liked him.  She did this when  Stryder was in the ring for Best in Breed and said if he had been a bit older it very well could have been him going to group instead.
   Now, for the surprise!  For the last few weeks a fantastic little girl has been living with me and I just can't say enough about her!  I co-own Roadey with Darcy Cruz (list member) and she'll be with me for several months as I work on her training and get her introduced to the rings.  I've enclosed a photo of her standing with Duke taken the day Stryder decided that he could beat up Boston, our cat...LOL
   Roady took a first for her class,  went back in and took Best of Breed... then a third in Group!
    It was a Long night but well worth it!!!  I simply could not be more pleased and thrilled with these two kiddos !!!
Terri ~
Sent: Sunday, September 15, 2002 12:18 AM
Subject: We're HOME!!!!!!!!!!

OH GIRLFRIEND!!  We have a showdog here!!
   Stryder was one of three in the ring for his age group today (the other two belonged to Crystal McClain).. he took first.
   Went back in for Winners....  Roady took that BUT... the judge stopped me on my way out of the ring and ASKED about Stryder.  She said that he was the best looking black pup she has seen in a LONG time and the only reason he wasn't heading to Group instead of number 34 was because of his age.   I just smiled ear to ear and said... "That's OK,  number 34 is mine too!!"...LOL   She dropped her jaw and then said..."You have an outstanding pair in those two!"
   Kim,  he did FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!  Absolutely Fantastic.... I couldn't get home fast enough to tell you!!!!!  So your boy kicked some major butt tonight and the ONLY reason he didn't beat Roady was because the judge likes to see an older pup in Group.... I think that is just outstanding!!!
    BOY it was hard to say good-bye to him when I left the fairgrounds.  Laurie is probably by now home with him and I have to try and survive the next three full days without him.   I did ask the judge about showing him natural and she feels he is going to be a very refined dog even after maturity,  and even though he does have very nice ears,  she felt they were a bit wide.   She then went on to say...."Did you breed him?"  I said 'No,  he came from a very good friend of mine in TX."  She then said..."Your friend is on the right track with those ears." 
   So to wrap this up,  I started out the day showing Stryder,  took first.  Went back in with Roady,  took first.  I took Stryder in for Winners and Laurie took Roady in for me... Roadey took Best of Breed,  then went in and took third in Group....  not to shabby of a day.... Huh?.....LOL  Now I need to read through the 142 e-mails I just downloaded....
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Terri ~


Stryder 4 days old





Stryder One Year Old



Styder UKC

You dear loving boy, you above all know the very best for you we've always tired to give. Where-ever you are, you have always been a humble honor to be a part of a light to the heart, you are always in my heart and know you above all have made it sing.
Stay safe and always know I for one could not ever be any more proud of you or love you more, what a total of purely joyious of years you have been to plan, birth & handle.
Well Done My Sweet Lad!
Love 4 Ever 4 Always 4 All Time,
Your BreedBirth Mom


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