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William Clifford Elmore
October 15, 1937 ~ October 10, 2001
"If Tears could build a highway
And memories a lane
I'd walk right up to Heaven
and Bring you home again"

Dad & I, in better days
Dad & I, 1981, 3 mos. preg with Cliff
1981, I was 3 mos preg. with grandson Cliff ;)

These pages are in loving memory of my father, and will of course include our immediate family, as well friends in the story, as it was a major aspect of my father's heart, and life, which he asked me to be certain to included. This is something I promised him before he passed, which I have tried to do everything just as he told me he wished. I also promised him to put some of his sermons here to possibly help other's, as he had done all his life. He wanted this to include his personal story of his search for God, as well as his joys, and tribulations along the way. Fortunately, I was able to show him this web site in it's infancy before he passed. It was a time he told me how proud he was of me, proud he was to say in his words, "not only are you like me,, but you look like me, and " The fruit didn't fall far from the tree", how could I not love you for you yourself are me". Knowing the many sides of my father through out my life, I work hard to keep those words true, honor his memory, never ever be or have been a burden to him, take care for myself, as well my boys, and to continue to make him proud in all we do. Every problem is always handled with, " I wonder what dad would do", I work hard to put him in my place, with all I knew him to be, as well as all he taught me, and I soon can almost hear how he would approach each problem.

He was my very dearest friend, greatest teacher, and biggest hero. He always told me, other then finding God, I was one of the best things he had ever done. I will forever work for this to always be true. Though,, I feel he was the best thing in my life, other then God, and my children, I have ever been a part of. He was a great dad, and yes,, he very much had his human side. I loved him because he was such a loving wonderful dad, and never loved him for what monetary gain his love might bring me as some he unfortunately came across, and trusted, as my mom did too, in their life. It is a shame some never learned thier great gift for compassion, true love, and fairness of all things of the heart. "Greed, is the fall of many great men", dad would say, "and death brings it out in the best. Whatever other's may take from you, remember, they cannot remove what we have left in your hearts". My dad would give you the shirt off his back, or his last dime if you really needed it. In the end,, my father always tried to do the honorable thing,, making right from wrong seemed so very clear for him, there were no gray areas in my up-bringing, it was right, or it was wrong. He believed in treating everyone as an equal, always on look out for the over-trodden, the meek, the merciful, and the humble ones of this earth plane. He was a firm believer in what goes around comes around, either in this life, or at our judgment by God's hand. "We all get what we put out, give, or take, now, or at our end of this life".

My father was a most remarkable man, one so many saw one side of, or he allowed them to see one side, like so many we may come across in our lives, or as many's fathers are too I'm sure, there was many sides to my dad. I feel I am so very blessed to have been a part of his life, and in the company of his many talents, blessed to witness all his spectrums of his personality over the years. My dad passed with a close relationship with God, walking hand in hand just as my mom did, though there where times in his life he was tempted to do other-wise, and yes, he too made mistakes. He always returned, and kept a close relationship with God. When my mom passed, one of the last things my dad told her was, "I'll see you very soon", and they had me read a scripture in the book of Ruth, from the bible for them, of, "Where you go, I will go, and your God will be my God". So, I know, mom too was there to help make his crossing over easy, as well as his father before him, my Aunt Betty his beloved sister, and his dear brother, Uncle Bud, with friends all waiting on the other side to re-joyous at his arrival after being so long apart. I bet there was one great fishing trip in the heavens, fishing was one of his loves, for fish, or for men, women, or children of God. He taught me how to love, how to fish ;), how to live, how to stand alone on my own, taking care of my sons, always faithfully trusting, loving God who is forever by my side, giving back instead of always taking away, how to forgive, though never to forget, how, to let go let God, trusting in the beliefs he taught me from childhood, standing firm for what in our heart he taught us to be true, just, and righteous.

"Test the steel to be certain of it's hardness, to find the truth of the matter, and then stand firm for what is right," he would say. So if you will please come along with me and follow this great hero of ours, as he traveled through this life path on to that of the next. Just maybe you too will find something which will be of interest, inspiring, or what my dad loved to do best,,, help you in some small way through his story.

" Sacred Blood "
" Sacred Blood "
( Dad's last biblical article written )

" Can You Sleep On A Windy Night "
" Can You Sleep On A Windy Night "
( A long time favorite! )

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