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Tucked away sitting high on a hill at the edge of the Sam Houston National forest is a wee specialized farm. Where Pinto AMHA/AMHR Miniature Horses, Spotted Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, Miniature Hybrids, an Arabian, an Arabian cross sport horse, our lovely Welsh Pony boy, A.K.C. Miniature Pinschers, Rat Terriers, Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a Black and Tan Coonhound, and a Red factor Canary sings as a small flock of endangered chickens roam. Tis a mystical place with rarer banana trees, tropicals, and Cattleya orchids. A place special people with wee fairy folk and wonderful critters are found helping as well as healing each other from life's world of troubles. Offering loving special services for the abled or specially able. I am of Cherokee Indian and Welsh decent. A long time Miniature Pinscher hobby show breeder, as well breed historian, loving, protecting, producing excellence of breed quality in the colors of, reds, {solids, & stags}, blacks, {black/rust, black/tan}, chocolates, {chocolate/rust, chocolate/tan}, and blues, {blue/rust, blue/tan}. We also breed, train, and show all of our animal family. We are show breeders breeding only exemplary examples of any breed or species for only it's betterment, and for the best of any breed standard. We very occasionally have pet or show animals available. Please contact us for updates, pictures, and approval. "ALL" of our animals are our family and pets first and only go to pre-screened approved loving homes as our own! 
We have earned local, regional, and national titles. Fine art of custom guaranteed work, or fine prints are always available. Please contact us for quotes or interest.
Thank you so much for visiting, blessings to you and yours, please do come back to visit often for updates, as well as for lots of new up-coming web site informative additions!

A Bit About Us

Combined we have been professionally in the animal/equine industry with many generations of past experience including numerous championships and national titles. We have aligned ourselves with the very best of animals, bloodlines, education, training, and mentors over those years in our desire to be the very best at what we do for our animals. We always train to win naturally for what each individual animal loves to do thus excels at and for the true love of what we do. Our dedication to be the best in our passions will never be compromised for any $ amount, ever.

If your looking for a place where animals are more then just a $ amount, a number or simply *just* livestock, a place where they are loved as well respected as living breathing blessed souls, worked, loved and play at their own glory gifted pace as well given talents do give us a call.

We take our responsibility to them very seriously we have all our life.

The Miniature Horse herd consist of a daughter of national champion BTU, (IMA Boones Little Buckeroo Too), and a sweet heart of a Miniature Mediterranean Spotted jenny named Lexus, and my so dear heart soul Miniature Horse stallion ERLs Phantom. Phantom's lines include such greats as Double O Seven & A Half Moto, Bond Domino, and Bond Bulldog. We also must mention our lovely section A Welsh Mountain Pony boy from Monette Sanders, Pep's Phantom of The Opera, by Dandardel A May Zing, and Smoke Tree Teg by Severn Sirocco. Also my lovely *Bask, *Morific great grand-daughter purebred Arabian mare, and our pride Arab/Quarter mare from a farm/breeder we will always greatly respect and consider one of the best sport breed and show programs in the country.

We  use all our  animals in special needs therapy when ever we can. Our  great enjoyment is in discovering what each of our or other's animal children loves to do, as well is good at with over-all good health, correctness to conformation, fluid athletic ability, soundness, while maintaining a sweet disposition which can be handled by the smallest child or most in-experienced adult. Making other's happy is always pleasing to our spirit,, and we believe every little girl, boy or adult should own a horse or animal if their heart so desires. 

As Will Rogers once said

"You never saw a good horse grow where a good man couldn't".

We feel like entrusted guardians of living treasures created through so many generations of incredible animals, mentors, and dedicated responsible breeders before us. Without their great sharing, sacrifices, knowledge, and devotion none of us would ever have had the grand privilege of showing, or the ownership of animals in breeds as we know them.

4 in hand Walking Horse Team, trained 1990
4 in hand Walking Horse Team, the good ole days.
Worked lots of parades, events & had lots of fun!

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