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Rat Terriers

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In Memories of Bobbie Jo Stinnett

Lovely Bobbie's tragic story,

U.K.C. & A.K.C./F.S.S.
Rat Terriers

R dogs live in the home, sharing their furniture, cushions, and beds with us. They are loving family members, as well as wonderful breed assets. All R Farm dogs are chosen from only the finest bloodlines which displays the best conformation, disposition, athletic ability, sound bone/body/mind, with a natural high hunting drive, and yet loyal loving family bonding capability. Screening does not stop there. They are further screened for health issues, heart problems, genetic issues, canine hip dysplasia and luxating patellas before ever being considered for show, and breeding. We show/train in conformation, obedience, agility, and field events, with A.K.C., & U.K.C., as well as just having great fun with our canine/animal family pack members. We screen any future homes as thoroughly as our dogs, taking our breed love, breeder responsibility, and breed ethics to great heart, thus with results we can always be proud of.
At retirement R animals live out thier life here as the loving devoted pets they always are.
We are as devoted to them, as they to us for life.
If your considering a pet, always consider checking with rescues first. There you can find wonderful furbie family members needing your love, attention, and home.
For Rat Terriers, please check with, Rat Bone Rescue,

We are most honored, and proud to announce,,,,,
We will once again be involved in bettering our breeds to be the best they can be over-all, as our dogs participate once again in ground breaking genetic study and testing. In this study our dogs will work with Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D., Professor, and staff, in her current studies, findings, and testing on the canine blue coat color,,, some of her hard devoted work can be found at,,,

UKC 'PR' GrCh KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
UKC 'PR' GrCh KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

Another fine example of Lone Oak's Excellence of Quality!
UKC 'PR' GrCh KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
AKC Foundation Stock # RN09121002
OFA # RAT-PA259/12M/P-PI
UKC Multiple Best-In-Show Winner
NKC Multiple Best-In-Show Winner
NKC National Open Champion - 2007
NKC National Invitational Champion - 2007

Now getting ready for work in AKC Obedience venues.
Special Thanks to our dear friends at
Lone Oak Kennel
for promoting this extra fine boy!
We know this wonderful boy will continue to make you proud!

UKC CH Lone Oak's Sassafras
UKC CH Lone Oak's Sassafras, (picture as a pup)
Sassy's picture as a 2001 babe, what a cute one!

Sassy Has Arrived At R Farm & In R Heart! I am so very proud to announce a member of the R Farm family,
 UKC CH Lone Oak's Sassafras!
Bred/Trained/Handled/Shown by;
John & Kathleen Chance
Lone Oak's Kennel
We can't thank you enough for this dear girl, and look foreword to so many grand adventures with this precious lady.
*UpDate* Sassy is now retired, as she so very much requested. She is living the life of a treasured beloved pet, and past show queen. Her remaining years of life will be filled with fun, play, and leasure on the farm, or on outtings of her choice with us.
This I have assured her.

CH Lone Oak's Sassafras
Sassy, Sept., 2005

Bar copyright K.Petross

At R home now, is a new show potential lad adding to
R Rattie world as well R show & therapy kids.
Special Thank You!!
 Jason Dawson, & Family,
Rat Time Kennels,
for this lovely blue fawn/white tux boy!
His disposition is so loving, we know he will heal many souls, and hearts in his lifetime with us. We are enjoying watching him mature as he grows into the lovely Rattie he is bred to be, as well grows into his own blessed talents in field trial, show, and therapy.

RTKz TruBlu Golden Miracle
RTKz TruBlu Golden Miracle, "click" for pedigree
4 weeks young, click photo for pedigree

RTK'z TruBlu Golden Miracle
UKC/AKC/FSS, pending
Blue Fawn/White/Tux
is by;
Maxwell's He Who Hears
Miniature, White/Blue/Tan/Piebald/Ear: Standing
RTK'z Flash'n My Faith Of RRz
Miniature, Cream/White/Tux/Ear: Standing

*Blu* Here at last, Here at last!
*Blu* enjoying his new home. copyright, K.Petross
Life is good with a favorite bone, and a great new ball!

Growing into quit the man,
Blu June 2006, copyright R Farm & Kennel
he is just the most wonderful boy and he seem's to know it!

R Farm & Kennel Rat Terriers

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R Quiet Hollow Rat Terriers cont.
R Quiet Hollow Rat Terriers cont.

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