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" The Legend "

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, before men's minds was cluttered with to much logic.. Faerie folk flourished in the world of mortals. Each Spring the Faeries would select a desirable spot to hold court until Samhaine's Eve in the little country of Wales, southwest of Britannia. One early day of spring long long ago the Queen of the Faeries wished to go riding up in the high places to look upon the world, but she had no proper steed. She commanded the Fool to her presence and bid him create a steed appropriate to her exalted status. Now the Fool has a great deal of power in the Faerie Court, but he tis not called a Fool for no reason. Naturally, he twould do as his Queen commanded, but with a wee trick up his sleeve, or more. So as the Fool twirled about, considering his surroundings, moving his thought far and wide throughout the entire mystical land. He considered all the things magical in this ancient land; the majestic mountains, with cliffs so steep, the soft lush hollows hid amongst the hills, the trees, the grasses so green, the flowers so bright, the rich blue sky, the warm sun, the bright stars,, the many fine rivers, brooks, as well moors with mist so thick and deep. With a feeling he had collected pieces of all the best fey energy particles of this sacred land, he danced, and he whirled, pulling this land's powers into himself, rolled it together with the might of his own powerful magic. He closed his Faerie eyes tightly, waved wildly, tossing sparkling magic Faerie dust high into the air, then pointing to the ground, he said a single word, " Steed". There setting before the Faerie Court was an unusual animal in it's youth. In type was quit familiar to the Faerie Queen, yet also very strange indeed. "This is quit strange Fool", she exclaimed, " I ask for a steed of virtue to royalty, taking me safely, willingly, and swiftly, across my land, but you've created a strange little dog". The Faerie Queen being one of the wisest of the Faerie folk, was very aware of the faithful dogs of mere mortals.

Fairy Queen

" But ohhh,, my lovely Faerie Queen, I have done as you wished. Look closely at the animal before you I plead, he will be devoted, loyal to death, unending in determination, naturally independent, with the knowledgeable of all this land from which he was made, and will flourish in it's climate". The Queen try as she may could find no wrong in the odd shaped dog. So accepting the gift from the Fool, climbed a-stride the strange wee dog, and rode off into the land. She had the most pleasant of days and returned most extremely pleased.

Samhaine Eve was dawning, and it was time for the Faerie folk to leave, the Queen ask of the Fool what she should do with her steed, to whom she had named, "Emrys", meaning "Blessed", in Welsh. Thinking wisely the Fool advised the Queen the Emrys should remain in the land with the fey energy from which he came as he belonged to it. But to assure the Queen the Emrys would not be lonesome the Fool created a mate to whom was named, "Gwynnedd". The Faerie court then left Wales for another timeless ancient land.

The Dance

Emrys and Gwynnedd created a den in the hollows of the hills of their home-land. After a season they were blessed with a wee litter of colorful lovely babes. All twas well with the new family until one day two babes were lost from their family. It tis said mortal children heard their cry, found them took them into their home to care for and love. The lost babes became known forever in native dialect as Corgi by mortals. This tis the legend of how mere mortals came to also own the loyal dog of the Faerie Court. Tis said the Corgi continued to be the Faerie Steed of choice, as a Faerie mount for riding, used in plowing Faerie circles, and as a loyal steed in fine Faerie harness at cart.
But now tis said far more care is used in watching over Emrys, and Gwynnedd as well as their children, and children's children by the Faerie folk for ever more.

Welsh legends tell us that the wee fairies twould use the little dogs to pull their carriages, for plowing, or as mounts for them to ride into battle. If you look closely even today you can still see the marks of the fairy saddle or harness imprinted on their shoulders, (especially pronounced in the sable coat color).

~ R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee ~
R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee

~ R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee ~
R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee

~ R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee ~ & Cuddles
R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee

~ R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee ~ & Auto the kitty boy
Shay & Auto

~ R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee ~ & Auto the kitty boy
Shay & Auto
Down for the count!

I wish to offer a very special thank you to Madoc Welsh for entrusting us with our very special girl, R Gwynnedd's Fey Shaylee! Watch for us having lots of fun together out in the show rings, at home, and field trials too!

R Faerie's Steed Pembroke Welsh Corgi, trains, shows, and may very occasionally have quality babes, available, or know of other responsible show breeders who may, but, all are placed only with the strictest approval of the wee faerie folk, to pre-screened loving mortal homes.

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