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R Chip Of Shiloh Foxy Bonsai, Pedigree
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Pedigree: R Chip Of Shiloh Foxy Bonsai Pedigree for R Chip Of Shiloh Foxy Bonsai

Elizabeth's Bide Mickee, AKC TM907425, Stg/Rd
Slizer Sly Red Fox, AKC TM21298/05, Stg/Rd
Ponserosa's Candy Man Can, AKC TD313995, Chlt/Tn
Tay-Mar's Little Bit, AKC TC307342, Blk/Rst
Suzie Q Quick, AKC TM98325/03, Blk/Rst
Whitehouse's Buckshot, AKC TD124687, Stg Rd.
Koko Puff Harvey, AKC TD046434, Blk/Tn
Linda's Bide Minnee, AKC TM920389/03, Rd
Wilkin's Chip Of Shiloh, AKC TM633988/02, Blk/Rst
Ch Elan's Shiloh V Whitehouse, AKC TD291682, Rd
Whitehouse's Sender Roses, AKC TD228992, Rd
Windy Acres Touch Of Autumn, AKC TC779670, Rd
Rufus Lincoln Davis, AKC TC341367, Blk/Tn
Rocky Creek's Mandi, AKC TC597496, Blk/Rst

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