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A few more of R brags and adventures

GrCh 'PR' KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
GrCh 'PR' KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
GrCh 'PR' KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

A Very Heartfelt Thank You to John & Kathleen Chance for allowing now;
Multiple Best In Show Winner
GrCh 'PR' KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
UCI International Champion KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak
to start out in our conformation conditioning and training program to begin his show career. His continued excellence in the ring, and life success for his owner's truly brings us the greatest joy. We are most honored to be a tiny part of his beginning, and wish them all the blessings in life the heart can hold!

A few kind words from the owners,

"I would also like to thank Kimberley Petross for the role she played in training Blue Cyclone for the conformation ring. She was immediately impressed with this little guy the moment she saw him and offered to work with him to prepare him for the ring. As I was in and out of the hospital at the time Kim made her offer I accepted, so she took The Cyclone to her home and began breaking him to lead, to table work, and to the automatic stack on stop commands. She has done a FINE job with this little guy.

I want to thank UKC Judges Dan Crutchfield, Karen Brancheau, and Ann Hearne for recognizing the worthiness of our little dog this past weekend. Each one of these Judges commented upon The Cyclone's musculature and finish (condition). The Cyclone turned one year of age two days before the first show in the past weekend's cluster, and is still not close to the level of refinement he will show when he is mature, but he is fairly ripped. The BEST thing about this little guy is his exceptionally good overall balance and movement that is simply to die for. Put those two ingredients together and shake 'em up and the recipe cannot help but come out a winner!

I know I am bragging shamelessly here, but I just have to make one last comment about the level of competition at the Baytown show...there weren't many RATs entered in the show, but of those that showed up there was a very good Mini male, an exceptionally good Standard male, and an exquisite Standard female that The Cyclone had to compete against in the classes. There was also one Grand Champion that is currently in the Top 10 for the second year running. So...The Cyclone had to pick up each one of his wins the hard way....he had to EARN them!

Kathleen was busy with the details of putting on the show, so I showed The Cyclone myself. I must say that I had a lot of ring rust from over a year of inactivity during my respite from the conformation ring. Despite this handicap, the Cyclone just seemed to laugh as if to say, "Come along Pops..pip pip now!" I know that little dog was laughing his patuty off at me trying to stride out at the pace he wanted to travel at. "

S1 Saturday 8-20 Judge Dan Crutchfield

BM - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak, bred by KnD; owned & handled by John & Kathleen Chance,  (please correct me if I'm wrong with any of this!)

BF - Sweet little gal owned by either Cheryl Wimberly or Denise Barnard...handled by Denise. (who by the way has a stunning little TFT that took BIS yesterday!)

BOW - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

GRCH - Star's Mission Impossible - bred by, owned & handled by Barbie Trammell

BOB & Terrier Group 3 - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

S1-Sunday August 21 - Karen Brancheau

BM - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

BF - Bur-Way Maybe I'm Amazed - bred by, owned & handled by Barbie Trammell (&yes...she actually stood still for a second or two!)

BOW - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak (New UKC Champion - pending UKC approval of course!)

GRCH, BOB & Terrier Group 3 - Star's Mission Impossible

S2 - Judge Anne Hearn

BM - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

BF - RPK'S She's All That @ BWSK, bred by Shelly Heist, owned & handled by Barbie Trammell

BOW - KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak

GRCH, BOB & Terrier Group 4 - Star's Mission Impossible


This past weekend I bundled up a few Rat Terriers and made the trek
to McComb, Mississippi to the 4-show cluster sponsored by the
Mississippi State American Pit Bull Terrier Club.  The three Rat
Terriers I took to this show were all Champions, each with two wins
of the five needed towards their Grand Champion title.  To say that
each one of these dogs is VERY good is like saying that dark brown
chocolate fudge is sweet.  LOL!


UKC CH 'PR' KnD's Blue Cyclone at Lone Oak is a white/blue/tan tri-
colored piebald patterned male of just 17 months of age.  Bred by Ken
Jones & Darla Ailey from two Lone Oak dogs; Owned by John & Kathleen
Chance; Trained by Kimberley Petross; Handled by John Chance.

UKC CH Lar-Mon's LBT Littlefoot at Lone Oak, DNA-P, is a
black/tan/white tuxedo patterned female of 44 months of age.  Bred by
Monnie Sims; Owned by John & Kathleen Chance; Trained by John Chance;
Handled by Marti Anderson.

UKC CH Lone Oak's Pandora, DNA-P, is a black/tan/white tuxedo
patterned female of 78 months of age.  Bred by John Chance; Owned by
John & Kathleen Chance; Trained by John Chance; Handled by Kimberly


Show #1 Friday, January 13, 2006, Judge Dan Crutchfield:  Best
Champion, Best of Breed (2 Top 10 points), Terrier Group 1, and

Show #2 Saturday, January 14, 2006, Judge Marvin Brown:  Best
Champion, Best of Breed (2 more Top 10 points), Terrier Group 3: 
Blue Cyclone!

Show #3 Saturday, January 14, 2006, Judge Dr. Fred lanting:  Best
Champion, Best of Breed (2 more Top 10 points), Terrier Group 2: 
Blue Cyclone!

Show #4 Sunday, January 15, 2006:  All three RATs were scratched from
the competiton so that I could get an early start back home.

The Cyclone is a NEW GRAND CHAMPION (subject to UKC approval)!  This
young fellow accomplished all three of his Champion legs, and all
five of his Grand Champion legs in just three weekend show clusters!
On two of these occasions he won Best-of-Breed over the #1 Top 10
ranked Grand Champion Rat Terrier in America, the first time coming
from the puppy class!

We are very proud of our little Blue Dawg!


Always Take Time To Stop & Smell The Flowers!

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